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A man’s guide to Loafer shoes.

In casual situations, loafer shoes act as a substitute to any footwear you can have. Something that most people miss is that loafers must be worn with socks.

I know you want to argue that bit out,

But even ankle socks which are not visible will do the trick for you shoeless-clan.

  1. Incredibly comfortable – loafers basically slip on or off easily
  2. Incredibly convenient – loafer shoes have no straps or laces, hence provided no friction when wearing them or getting them off.
  3. Fun – loafer shoes are casual shoes by nature. You will definitely get seen with a pair of loafer shoes.
  4. Classic look – use of different colours for the body and the sole brings out a style to beat.

These loafer shoes should and must be within your radar, let’s check them out.

Frye Jefferson Venetian

Any product handmade will never fall short of its glory. Frye are known for their handmade products ranging from boots, bags, accessories, and shoes.

This handmade loafer shoe has a broken-in leather and subtle stitching added to its finishing.

If that doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what does…

Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Venetian Slip on Loafer

Talk of history, rich history while at it.

A famous speaker once asked, “Imagine if you’d been doing this specific task for 50 years, how good will you be at it?”

Cool Haan have been in this craft for 94 years now! 94!

With improvements all along, and staying in that industry for that long just shouts one thing – EXCELLENCE!

For that positive grip, the rubber sole does it for me. Add to it a smooth leather upper and full leather inner lining.

A man's guide to Loafer shoes.
A man’s guide to Loafer shoes.

Florsheim Amelio Venetian

This specific loafer shoe is a collection of silhouette, soft leather and an elongated too that holds you to shine like the champ you are.

Suit Supply Calf Suede Venetian

This classic Venetian Loafer boasts of a rubber sole, calf suede upper part to make it lightweight, comfortable and give it a relaxed modern look.

Rockport Classic Venetian

Falling under the next-level type of shoes, the inner sole of this shoe is shock-absorbing because of the thermoplastic stabilization plate.

All that for a shoe? It must be worth its weight in gold.


Johnston and Murphy’s Creswell Venetian

Johnston and Murphy’s Creswell combines moccasin stitching with a smooth black vamp and a rubber sole and has a leather-sole look. Translation: this shoe gives you the comfort of a casual shoe with the aesthetic of a dress shoe.


Ike Behar Brett Venetian

From fine wine to garments, Italy got there game together.

This loafer shoe is made of Italian leather, so you know the quality already, and makes good for a formal-casual look.

The Friday-look, or the special-occasion look? Get you Ike Behar Brett Venetian loafer shoe.

Whiddon Step Venetian

In place of laces, this shoe has an elastic goring for your convenience and simplicity when putting on or off.

The inner side of the shoe absorbs moisture and therefore makes for a good all day wear. Class and fine look is what you desire? That’s exactly what you get with this shoe.

Mephisto Algoras Venetian

Often referred to as the-next-technology shoe, it comes with a soft air technology to absorb shock.

Who could have thought of that… A shoe to keep your feet and knees in perfect health all day long.

It is made of leather and therefore durable.

Massimo Matteo Venetian Driver

Matched perfectly with a pair of jeans or shorts, and with a leather lining, this shoe fits perfectly to your leg and actually feels like it was made for your feet.

Good for casual and could also make for a killer look in the office space.