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These are the Clothing Brands James Bond Wears: Levi’s? Zara? US-Made Boots?

As you watched movie after movie of the 007 series, movie companies made huge money due to the fire that James Bond had started in his movies.

Marketing companies also watched as their monies flew in…

Marketing in the current world is intertwined to almost everything. Marketing agencies were also watching the 006 craze and wondering where to put their Ads.

Big reapers were clothing brands. And this was so because James Bond became a household name.

One that men and boys alike associated with authority, stature and heroism.

All tthe brands that made an appearance in the movies made a fortune. Let’s look at the brands that made an amazing fortune from the movie.

James Bond’s Tuxedo Brands

007 always turned to the masterful hands providing his suits. For Sean Connery and Roger Moore, this was their normal tailor (Anthony Sinclair for Sir Sean, and Cyril Castle, Angelo Vitucci, and Douglas Hayward for Sir Roger), while Brioni and Tom Ford provided dinner suits for Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, respectively. (The Brioni association continued through Casino Royale, so Daniel Craig wore their business suits and tuxedos before making the switch to Tom Ford beginning with Quantum of Solace.)

Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye
Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Less than 20 years after this Swedish ready-to-wear brand was co-founded it had a hand in dressing James Bond, contributing a pair of shark gray “Wall Street” trousers to Daniel Craig’s pea coat-driven outfit in Skyfall.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Skyfall’s rough final act set in rural Scotland was the perfect opportunity for James Bond to don Barbour’s legendary weatherproof outerwear. An olive waxed Barbour “X To Ki To” Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket was slightly modified for the production by costume designer Jany Temime and her team, giving Daniel Craig’s 007 a rugged yet tailored look that has become a fan favorite.

James Bond’s New Sunglasses in “No Time to Die” + Affordable Alternatives


Barton Pereirra completes Bond’s latest looks in No Time To Die with sleek updates to the classic styles of sunglasses favored by Bond over the decades. Barton Pereirra’s trio of official 007 shades are inconspicuously named “Courtier,” “Joe,” and “Norton”  –  and they don’t have to be for his eyes only. For more on our favorite secret agent’s choice eyewear, check out Primer’s deep dive on James Bond’s sunglasses Ln

billy reid peacoat

Another fan favorite from Skyfall remains the double-breasted wool pea coat from Billy Reid with its unorthodox peak lapels, leather detailing, and flattering fit. The coincidentally named “Bond” pea coat’s association with 007 has been credited with single-handedly skyrocketing the independent brand’s business, and are regular picks in our Nordstrom Rack finds.


Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye

After a legacy of Sean Connery and Roger Moore showcasing the bespoke services of English tailors like Anthony Sinclair, Cyril Castle, and Douglas Hayward, 007’s costume team went in a new direction for the ‘90s by dressing Pierce Brosnan’s version of the character in luxury duds from the Italian fashion house Brioni. The association would continue for Daniel Craig’s inaugural Bond film, Casino Royale, before Craig’s Bond switched primarily

daniel craig tan suit skyfall

Daniel Craig brought his real-life favorite to the big screen, sporting a light brown linen-blend jacket, khaki chinos, and brown leather belt all from this Italian fashion house for a desert scene in Spectre.


brands of bond crockett jones skyfall

With a heritage spanning over 140 years, this British shoemaker provided the derby shoes that were featured in both Skyfall and Spectre, which have become such a 007 favorite that Daniel Craig wore them again in No Time To Die.