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Understanding SAP Business One Price Source Field

SAP Business One is a powerful enterprise resource planning software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. To ensure accurate pricing in sales documents, SAP Business One Price offers a feature called the ‘Price Source’ field. This field provides valuable insights into the origin of prices and discounts applied to items within a document. Here, we delve deeper into understanding the concept of the price source field and how it functions.

Understanding the Price Source Field

The price source field in SAP Business One contains information on the source of prices and discounts for each item in a document. When creating a sales document, the system calculates prices based on various factors, including price lists, discount groups, and special prices for business partners. The price source field helps identify the exact method used to calculate the price for each item.

Values Assigned to the Price Source Field

The price source field can take on several values, indicating the source of the price or discount. These values include:

Inactive Price List: This indicates that the price list associated with the business partner is inactive.
Active Price List: The price is taken directly from the active price list without applying any discounts.
Active Price List, Discount Groups: The price is sourced from the active price list, with the discount being derived from the discount group.
Special Prices for Business Partners: The price is obtained from the Special Prices for Business Partners window, which allows setting specific prices for individual partners.
Period and Volume Discount: The price is calculated based on the Period and Volume Discounts window, where discounts can be configured based on quantity thresholds and timeframes.
Period and Volume Discount, Discount Groups: Both the discount and price are derived from the Period and Volume Discounts window, taking into account the discount group.
Visibility and Usage of the Price Source Field

To utilize the price source field effectively, it should be displayed prominently in the document layout. Users can configure the visibility of the price source field through the Form Settings in SAP Business One. Having the price source field visible ensures transparency in pricing calculations and facilitates troubleshooting potential issues.


The price source field in SAP Business One plays a crucial role in identifying the origin of prices and discounts in sales documents. By understanding the various values assigned to this field, users can quickly verify whether the system is correctly calculating prices based on their expectations. Ensuring the price source field is visible in the document layout enhances transparency and simplifies the process of verifying pricing calculations.